Double Up Dance Studio is a professional, safe, and fun environment. We expect proper, respectful conduct in the studio and on the premises at all times. We do not permit disrespectful behavior toward our members, guests, employees, vendors, shared building occupants, or property.

Any theft or damages of general property, equipment, supplies, or merchandise incurred to Double Up Dance Studio or the Sportsplex@Fairfield will be the sole responsibility of the client or the client’s parent/guardian. An invoice of charges will be provided by D.U.D.S.

D.U.D.S., Sportsplex@Fairfield, and their respective employees will not be liable for loss, theft, or damage of property. Clients are urged to leave valuables at home. All personal belongings should be kept in designated areas at all times in order to avoid injury.

Water, sports drinks, or other beverages in closed, re-sealable containers are allowed.

Any clients who are injured while in the studio must seek immediate assistance from a Double Up Dance Studio staff member to establish provision of appropriate medical assistance and to complete an incident report.

Insufficient Funds:

Clients will be charged a fee of $15.00 for returned checks, in addition to any bank fees charged to Double Up Dance Studio

Class Cards

All Adult Class Cards expire 60 days after purchase date. 

All Kid Class Cards expire 90 days after purchase date.

Class packages are good for any classes on our currently active roster (unless otherwise noted). Cards are non-transferable and cannot be shared. All members with expired cards are subject to a $5.00 re-activation fee.

If a member is not able to use his or her class card due to medical reasons including an injury, D.U.D.S. can put the account on a medical freeze. Once a doctor’s note is provided to staff, D.U.D.S. will waive any fees from the day of written notification. The medical freeze will automatically run for the period prescribed by the medical professional.

Members that are going to be taking time off from Double Up Dance Studio for personal reasons are responsible for notifying D.U.D.S. staff in order to have his or her class card placed on hold. The date the hold will start will be the date a D.U.D.S. staff member is informed.

Refund Policy: (No Refunds, exchange only) You assume the responsibility of your purchase, and no refunds will be issued.

Please remember that the above guidelines are designed for the protection of our clients, employees, and Double Up Dance Studio. All clients are expected to act appropriately and be respectful of others while participating in our programs and/or using the facility. Clients may not interfere with employee duties, use obscene language, or engage in verbal or physical abuse of employees or fellow members. All clients must observe all posted signs and verbal directions provided by the D.U.D.S. staff and management team. 


Closing Policies:

D.U.D.S. reserves the right to run, delay, or cancel classes in the event of bad weather or emergency. Please use your own discretion when choosing to come to class during inclement weather. Studio closings, delayed openings, and all weather related postings will be posted and announced on our website www.doubleupdancestudio.com and on our various social media outlets.

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